Delicious Holiday Gifts for the Foodies On Your List

Delicious holiday gifts for the foodies on your list

“Popcorn for breakfast! Why not? It's a grain. It's like grits, but with high self-esteem.” James Patterson, American author and philanthropist, was onto something when he came up with that quote. Of course, corn can be eaten in many different ways but isn’t gourmet popcorn so much more fun and appealing? What about taking it slightly further with caramel popcorn? After all, a little healthy goodness with some indulgence can make your day shine. 

Being a Foodie 

How do you see yourself? Are you a foodie or are you surrounded by foodies in your life? We all have those friends who adore their food and nothing will keep them away from trying something new and exotic. What does it actually mean to be a foodie though? And are you one yourself? 

  • From gourmet to foodie and back again
  • Cultural unity
  • The allure of texture and crunch 

From Gourmet to Foodie and Back Again

The word gourmet was traditionally borrowed from French to describe someone who enjoys eating and drinking. That’s not to say that we don’t all enjoy food. Nevertheless, a gourmet pays in-depth attention to the details of the texture and presentation of the food. Some even keep food journals and will travel great distances to discover new tastes and flavors. That’s why the word is usually associated with having a refined palette. They can also usually distinguish, and even describe, the subtleties of various flavors. 

The word ‘foodie’ was first used by writers in UK’s Harper’s and Queen magazine when they published The Official Foodie Handbook in 1985. This fun history of food culture inspired New York writer Gael Greene to later use the word in a restaurant review. That's when it became part of everyday language.

Interestingly, the word foodie went through a phase of being slightly condescending. There was something pretentious about being a foodie. Perhaps that’s because many people weren’t so well-traveled deep-dish back in the 80s? In fact, the budget airline industry only really exploded in the 90s. That’s why talking about some exotic dish from a country whose name no one knew how to even pronounce probably sounded a little too flashy. 

These days though, the world has become much more accessible to everyone. Moreover, people have moved to different countries and opened up restaurants with specialties from their countries. Ultimately, food unites us and we all enjoy sharing the dishes and snacks we grew up with including, of course, gourmet popcorn.


Cultural Unity 

Our cultures influence how and what we eat as well as our beliefs about food. For instance, some cultures only eat in large groups whilst others think it’s ok to eat on your own. Think about your first or even last dates? How much was food involved and how did it enhance or taint the experience? 

Many countries are split into regions when it comes to food. So the north of France will eat more fish and heavier meats than the southerners who enjoy their salads. Similarly in Italy, they tend to have more cattle for meat in the north but access to the sea and fish in the south. What about Texan food versus the Chicago deep dish pizza? Many people have strong opinions about those foods. 

Food is almost an extension of our cultural identity. Take sport, for instance, and how we need those nachos or fried chicken to watch the Super Bowl. On the other hand, the English often like to eat meat pies when they go to a football match. What about the choice between caramel popcorn or ice cream at the movies? Of course, we shouldn’t read too much into these preferences. Nevertheless, they can give rise to fun debates over the best snacks and foods to share with friends. 

Texture and Crunch 

Why do we love our snacks so much? Clearly, we could refer to the sugar rush or our addiction to salt and oily foods. Then again, the foodies would tell you that it’s all about the perfect blend of texture, flavors, sounds, smells, and colors. Yes, we use all our senses to maximize our food experience. 

That’s when popcorn suddenly pops up at the top of the list. After all, isn’t it the best combination of texture, sound, smell, flavors, and colors? Traditionally, we only had popcorn in its natural color. Today though, you can order all sorts of colors ranging from rainbow to greens, blues, reds, and pretty much any color you can think of. 

Now imagine that layer of caramel that’s been carefully poured over the perfectly fluffy popcorn. Once it hardens and you bite it into, you get a satisfying crunch followed by a melting sensation and that gooey sugar-ness that’s so distinctive for caramel popcorn. Isn't that special enough? 

The best part about gourmet popcorn is that it’s healthy which is why the foodies love it. Ultimately, they want food that’s both unique and good for you. That’s partly because they’re not eating out of hunger but to awaken their senses. Generally, healthy food is more complex with its refined flavors. Add that to the fact that corn is good for the heart due to its antioxidants and your foodies will want the newest popcorn flavors. Naturally, you don’t want to then overdo it with the sugar and caramel but sometimes, we also need to indulge. 

Top Ideas for Foodie Holiday Gifts 

If you’re like most of us who see food as fun but nothing to write about then you might struggle to come up with the perfect gift for your foodie friends. When reviewing the following list, keep in mind that you want to give them something unique and that appeals to all 5 senses. 

1- Movie Night Holiday-Themed Tin Gourmet Popcorn Pack 

So many special movies come out for the holidays whether it’s Christmas or Halloween or any other. Your foodie friends will love the opportunity to make a night of it with their special holiday gourmet popcorn pack. This generally includes themed carton boxes to hold the popcorn as well as various flavored bags including caramel popcorn. You can even add games into the pack such as movie night bingo if you want to give your foodie friends a bit of a fun challenge. 

2- Special Cheesemongers’ Cheese 

Nothing says foodie quite as much as cheese. Even the word gourmet originally means wine connoisseur and as the French have known for several thousand years, wine and cheese are the perfect combinations of flavors. Either way, your foodie friends will always appreciate good cheese. 

3- Gift Basket of Condiments and Essentials 

Foodies are on a constant quest for the ultimate mix of tastes whether this comes from combining foods or adding the perfect sauce. So, why not give them the chance to experiment themselves with a gift of exotic spreads? Examples such as fig or olive spreads along with maple-flavored butter or even a special avocado dip will have your foodie friends in pure joy. 

4- Holiday Gift Box European style 

Holidays are about indulging. Foodies take that one step further by exploring both local and foreign foods as much as possible. That’s why they will love you if you bring unfamiliar tastes to them. You’ll definitely pique their curiosity with a European box of Christmas delights. These could include, for example, panettone from Italy or a French Buche de Noel, German stollen.

Make your own Gourmet Popcorn and Caramel Popcorn basket 

Let’s not forget fun holiday baskets where you can choose the flavors and colors for the gourmet popcorn. You can also include tins with various colors that are great to reuse as flower pots or as stationary boxes, for example. 

With each pack, you normally get a set of scoops and carton boxes so that you can invite others around to enjoy their individual share of gourmet popcorn. Then, whether you add sugar, salt or caramel popcorn or a mix of everything is up to you. Either way, popcorn says fun, unique, and curious all at the same time. Even better is gourmet popcorn which encourages sharing with others. Moreover, foodies relish in sharing and talking about food. 

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United over Gourmet Popcorn and Caramel Popcorn for the Holidays 

Buying gifts for your foodie friends during the holidays doesn’t have to be a burden. Simply remember that they appreciate food that stands out through its colors, flavors, and texture. Of course, you have many options of various foods to choose from as gifts. Regardless, if you want something easy to find, then gourmet popcorn is your answer. 

With gourmet popcorn, you can then be creative with the flavors you include in the basket, for example, salted caramel popcorn. That’s truly an extraordinary explosion of sensations when you bite into it. Your foodie friends will definitely remember your holiday gift. Moreover, you might even be able to enjoy some of the gourmet popcorn together and create new holiday memories. So, get planning your gourmet popcorn flavors and order your perfect foodie gift for a memorable holiday season.

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