Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Parents, Kids, and Grandparents

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Parents Kids and Grandparents Pops Corn

Love is a beautiful emotion that goes through every fiber of our being. We love with our minds and our senses, so what better way to share that love than with gourmet popcorn? It will awaken your senses as you enjoy the company of those you love. Ultimately, food is about bonding and sharing magical moments.

A Day for Connecting with Gourmet Popcorn

Valentine's day can be something to look forward to or something to dread, depending on your personal situation. Even if you're in a relationship, you might feel huge pressure to find the perfect gift. The art of giving isn't about money or the perfect thing, it's about the act that shows you care.

Try not to overthink it and keep things simple. At the end of the day, you want to create happy memories with those you love. That's why gourmet popcorn is such a wonderful gift. It comes in all colors with a host of flavors that you can always find something for anyone, regardless of taste. Moreover, it's such a healthy snack filled with fiber and antioxidants that you're almost doing your loved ones a favor. Of course, that assumes you don't add too much sugar or salt but then again, what is Valentine's Day without some indulgence?

Let's not forget those who feel depressed because they don't have a special someone. All relationships are important though and you can still honor your friends and family. Try not to think of Valentine's Day as just a romantic thing but as a day to connect to all those people in your life.

Why not try some of these ideas to remind yourself of all the wonderful people around you?

Special home event

You can organize a home movie night by setting up the right lighting along with a surround-sound system to replicate a mini-cinema. If you don't have the equipment, ask your friends to bring what they have and make it a shared effort. There's nothing quite like putting the equipment together to create laughs.

Family gathering

A simple party with a table filled with various snacks and drinks is easy to set up, especially if everyone brings something to contribute. The piece de resistance is your colorful gourmet popcorn with its decorated tins. You can even get your friends and family to guess the flavors for an extra twist to the event.

Doorstep surprise

Who doesn't love surprises from a good friend or family member, especially when that surprise is a large tin of gourmet popcorn? It's those small moments that make life worth living.

The Best Gourmet Popcorn Gifts

Try these ideas to delight your parents, kids, or grandparents on this day when you all remember how special you are to each other. 

Say "I love you" with red popcorn

Have you ever noticed how colors impact your mood? We're all slightly different but there's a whole field behind the psychology of color.

Red is usually all about passion and like most things in life, there are two sides to passion. There's anger or excitement. For Valentine's Day, you'll be surrounded by passion and positive energy. 

So, brighten up your parents' or grandparents' day by giving them red popcorn in whatever flavor they like. You also have the option of caramel pink popcorn which is more calming than red. It still represents love and kindness.

Pretty pink popcorn

Pink isn't just sweet like the sweet people in your life. It's also about nurture and sensitivity. This is perfect for parents and grandparents who simply enjoy being reminded that they have a caring family around them.

Choose caramel for some extra indulgence. Everyone loves the sensation of caramel melting on their tongue and that sugary sweetness filling their mouth.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Parents Kids and Grandparents Pops Corn - Pink Popcorn

Some Zing for your Valentine

Why not inject some extra passion with some hot jalapeño popcorn? Love is strongly associated with our senses and this will liven them up for you.

When we see and smell those we love, our emotions and memories are kick-started into an overall feeling of happiness. You can further create that moment with the perfect red or pink popcorn covered with freshly made caramel.

A movie escape with pink popcorn

Your grandparents will love a trip down memory lane as you give them special red and white striped boxes filled with gourmet popcorn. You can then modernize the look with pink or red popcorn.

Some grandparents might particularly love a home movie experience because it makes travel logistics easier. They're also in the comfort of their own home, or yours, with all their basic needs at their fingertips.

Rainbow magic

Seeing the colors of the rainbow in the sky mystified ancient cultures. Even though we know that they're created by light refracting through drops of water, there's still something magical about them.

Just like love is beautiful and magical, rainbows are awe-inspiring. With our caramel rainbow popcorn, you can symbolize that magic with those you love, whether parents, kids, or grandparents.

Personalised photo album with gourmet popcorn on the side 

Everyone loves reminiscing about happy memories. You'll enchant your parents and grandparents by creating a movie-night approach to viewing the photo album you've put together. 

What goes well with any viewing experience? Popcorn! Whether it's red or pink popcorn to mark the day is then up to you.

A basket arrangement with a hub of pink popcorn

Flowers are often the traditional gift on Valentine's Day but you can get creative with pink and red popcorn. We also have blue, green, white, and yellow for you to create your own arrangement of colors in a bowl. It's almost as if you're creating a flower arrangement with pink as your main theme to share the love.

To do this, you can spike each popcorn with a cocktail stick and place it in a base from which to build your arrangement. It will be original and the effort will cry out how much you care.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Parents Kids and Grandparents Pops Corn - Pink Flowers

Make-your-own-sauce kit

Kids love playing around in the kitchen, especially when sugar or chocolate is involved. So, order your bulk popcorn and have some fun with chocolate mint, strawberry drizzle, butterscotch, or whatever takes your fancy. 

Marshmallow galore

Valentine's Day without marshmallows is just not kids' heaven. Whether you roast them or melt them, marshmallows are a must on any pink or red popcorn. Yes, you'll get sticky fingers everywhere but you'll also get lots of new memories of happy, shared moments.

Decorate your special signature popcorn tin 

For some extra fun with the kids, order your pink or red popcorn early and see what you can do with the tin. Get them to come up with their own ideas to add their personal touch to the tin. Whether it's paint or stickers, you'll also keep them busy for a good few hours.

How Will You Plan Your Valentine's Day?

The big question now is what you need to organize. This will obviously depend on the number of people you're trying to reach and whether you want to hold an event at home. Either way, it's a good idea to get your to-do list together.

Planning Valentine's Day also helps you focus on the positives of the day such that you don't wallow in thinking about what's missing for you this year. If you wish for more romance, don't force it but enjoy what you currently have with your friends and family. It will come eventually when the time is right.

Book ahead

Make sure you've told people what you're planning so they're not overbooked. Furthermore, if you want your friends to help you with a movie night, make sure they can bring what you need to help you.

Plan the day

Will you organize a snack table or a full-on lunch? How can you also get people to help you if you need it? Simply visualize the day and note the people and things involved. Order your pink or red popcorn sooner rather than later.

Gather decorations

If you're doing something at home, you might want to think about decorating your house. This will help you feel extra special as people admire what you've done with the place.

Enjoy Valentine's Day with a Tin-full of Gourmet Popcorn

Make sure you enjoy your Valentine's Day with your parents, kids, and grandparents by sharing the love through red or pink popcorn. Food is a great excuse to get together so that you can build new memories and remind each other of all the love you have in your life.

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