5 Gorgeous DIY Gift Basket Ideas

Gorgeous DIY Gift Basket Ideas

Gift-giving has been a practice since the beginning of time. Gifts have evolved and become more sophisticated since we gave each other animal teeth as cave people. Today, they still have a huge importance in our cultures. Sometimes though, it can be quite stressful to find the right gift for someone such that it’s not too much but too not little. It can be a minefield! Luckily, there are some creative things you can do with gourmet popcorn in a gift basket. You’ll be amazed at how unique and memorable popcorn can be. 

Pop Corn in Cone Holders
The Art of Gift Giving 

Even animals give to each other. There’s a particular type of penguin, the Gentoo Penguin, who gives the perfect pebble to a female in the hope to mate, very much like we give a carbon rock, known as a diamond. There’s something about giving that connects us and makes us feel good about ourselves:

  • Gods in disguise
  • Social bonds
  • Intention 
  • Experiences 
Gods in Disguise

In Ancient Greece, people welcomed travelers with the belief that they might be gods in disguise. Can you imagine the pressure of giving gifts to a potential deity? Then again, when was the last time you agonized over the perfect corporate gift or Christmas gift basket for your friend? All these gifts are meant to show we care about the other person but in Ancient Greece, they also expected protection on the battlefield in return. What do you secretly expect in return when you give a gift? 

Social Bonds

The most obvious reason for giving gifts is to deepen a relationship. These can be romantic, professional, or simply social. The overall goal of giving will help you determine what type and size of gift basket you need. Then again, sometimes giving a gift also acts as a reassurance that you’ll be looked after, for example, if you consider dowries. These are clearly out of date in most Western cultures. Although, don't forget that there’s a reason there’s a law on corporate gifts because it can quickly look like bribery. 


The best gifts are those given with no expectation. These are given from a place of love and kindness. With that intention, you solidify a relationship much more deeply but you also take a moment to forget your own self-interest. Of course, it’s very hard to be completely altruistic but the more you are when giving gifts, the more likely you’ll find inner contentment. 


Most psychologists agree that experiences are the path to greater happiness. That’s because you get to live life in the moment, perhaps even with family and friends. On the other hand, the excitement of a material object fades very quickly but memories are forever. That’s why something like gourmet popcorn says so much. It conjures up memories of drive-in movies or stay-at-home nights with your partner. Popcorn engages people around a common experience of fun, colorful taste and simply being with each other. 

5 Gift Basket Ideas around Gourmet Popcorn 

There are so many things you can do with popcorn tins and gift baskets. These days, you can even order gourmet popcorn online, so check out these ideas for the perfect DIY gift basket: 

1- Movie Night 

Who doesn’t love movie night with popcorn? Remember those moments of all reaching for the gourmet popcorn tin at the same time and then all laughing about your over-enthusiasm? After all, gourmet popcorn is tantalizingly tasty. You can even have some fun with your movie gift basket with rainbow-colored popcorn or an all-in-one gourmet popcorn buffet with its explosion of flavors. Don’t forget to include iconic red and white striped cardboard popcorn boxes for those who prefer to hold their own. 

Striped Popcorn Box
2- Best Friend’s Birthday

Everybody will remember a birthday that has gourmet popcorn party favor bags. You can actually order the perfect custom popcorn bag to make yours or your friend’s birthday truly memorable. Moreover, party popcorn comes in all sorts of colors from green and pink to gold and blue, amongst others. You can also have those colors in various flavors including caramel, cheese, and salty. Who doesn’t love a mix of salt and sweet? So, get ordering your gourmet popcorn online and get that birthday party started. 

3- Christmas and Holidays 

Holidays are about giving and people love gift baskets. So, why not create one that includes gourmet popcorn tins or bags? You can even choose gold metal tins with lids that are great for storage after the popcorn is gone. Of course, you can choose other colors such as red but either way, the memories last longer as you keep the gourmet popcorn tins as souvenirs. 

4- Housewarming

Most people are still trying to organize their house when they have a housewarming party so they’re usually missing lots of useful tools and utensils. What better way to help than by making a gift basket? You can include gourmet popcorn tins with perhaps some bowls, serving utensils, kitchen towels, and napkins. Don’t forget to also remind your hosts that they can re-use the popcorn tins as flower pots to adorn their house. 

5- For Those Who Have Everything 

We all know those people who are just impossible to get gifts for. That’s why gourmet popcorn is so wonderful. It comes in a variety of colors and flavors that surprise and delight. Most people don’t expect to receive popcorn but they love it. Sometimes it reminds them of their childhood or it just helps connect you during that moment. 

Planning your Next Gift Basket with your Gourmet Popcorn 

The question you might now be asking yourself is how to plan your gift basket. It’s very easy to order popcorn online and here are some other points to bear in mind to make the perfect gift basket:

  • Reinforce relationships 
  • Symbolic meaning 
  • Thoughtfulness 
  • Represent occasions 
Reinforce Relationships

The obvious question is who do you want to give a gift to? Perhaps you want to keep things simple with just a few different gourmet popcorn tins in the basket? Alternatively, you might want to complete the basket with other items. These could be movie tickets, household items, balloons, beauty products or coffee and tea. You’ll know instinctively what’s right so listen to your gut. Either way, popcorn is a great way to say that you care in a unique way. 

Symbolic Meaning

You might also want to think about what you’re trying to say to the other person. Is this about creating new memories together? Perhaps you’ve organized a movie night in their name and the gift basket is an added touch? Another approach is if you’re giving an expensive gift but you want to lighten the mood with a bit of fun. Nothing says fun, quite like popcorn. 


The best part of giving gourmet popcorn is that it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. On the contrary, it shows that you’ve thought about the gift and that you’ve been creative. Furthermore, putting together a gift basket takes a bit of planning and time but it’s very easy to do. Then again, it always looks impressive to the other person that they really believe that you care. After all, you took the time and effort to think it through so the intention is there. You know what they say about gift-giving, it’s the intention that counts. A gift basket says that perfectly. 

Represent Occasions 

Naturally, you have a holiday, a baby shower, get well soon, and a thank you gift. There are many more of course because we all have anniversaries with our friends and families. How you then create your gift basket is up to you but it’s so easy to do with gourmet popcorn. Use the colors to your advantage and even to create a theme if you wish. If the person has a particular memory or needs for that special occasion then you can also include it into the basket. Either way, the gourmet popcorn adds a little wackiness and originality. 

How are you Going to Use Gourmet Popcorn for your Next Gift?

Giving gifts is both an art form and a practical action. Certain occasions demand gifts but with the right intention, you can deepen relationships and show how much you care. Furthermore, food and popcorn have a way of igniting our senses and our memories. Experiences are well-known for creating greater happiness because they help us connect to each other.

So, next time you bump into someone’s hand in the gourmet popcorn tin, laugh, enjoy the moment, and know that you’ll cherish these memories forever. All this is thanks to popcorn and the ease of ordering online straight to your door. 

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