How to Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Movie Theater

How to Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Movie Theater

Do you love movies but find that movie theaters are missing something? Perhaps that something is the comfort of your own home? In fact, 70% of Americans prefer to watch movies at home rather than go to the theater, according to MarketWatch. With the technology now available for you to create the full movie experience at home, it’s no wonder that people like to stay with their own home comforts. Let’s not forget the flexibility of choice when it comes to snacks and gourmet popcorn. You can make the perfect drinks and snacks table for you and your family all within easy reach which is much more convenient than topping up at the stands in a movie theater.

Why Set up Your Own Movie Theater? 

You might be wondering what other advantages there are to setting up your movie nights at home? Whilst of course you can never quite re-create the full movie theater sound and lighting, there are some major advantages that are often greater: 

  • Flexibility and control 
  • Home comforts
  • Available technology
  • Easy hosting 
  • Greater bonding 

Flexibility and Control 

Clearly, you have full control of what movies you watch at home as well as being able to pause and rewind as much as you want. Moreover, you can get up for refreshments or personal breaks much more effortlessly without having to worry about climbing over other people in their seats. 

Home Comforts

Everyone loves their home comforts. You can have the perfect seats, personal space, and cushions or reclining deck chairs. There’s no limit to how you can set up your own movie layout including bean bags and any furry friends you might have at home. 

Available Technology

These days, it’s so easy to stream movies with something like Netflix. Alternatively, you can also pay-per-view depending on which website you use. Of course, some people still use satellite and broadcast but either way, it’s so uncomplicated to set up your movies at home. Furthermore, with the pandemic, people have had to find ways to entertain themselves at home, making at-home movie nights much more common. 

Easy Hosting 

We all appreciate change and novelty. Hosting dinners or drinks parties is fun but you can also do something different by hosting a movie night at home. You can still start with drinks before you sit down for the movie for a bit of social time. 

Greater Bonding 

Depending on your family and group of friends, at-home movies offer greater opportunities for connecting. That’s because many like to comment during the movie. Moreover, you laugh together much more freely than in a movie theater where you’re generally very aware of your neighbors and not disturbing them too much. 

Why Gourmet Popcorn is your Key Ingredient 

Who doesn’t like gourmet popcorn? After all, what’s not to like when you throw butter, salt and sugar onto something fluffy and crunchy? There’s just something about popcorn that says movie nights. 

  • Fun and crunchy goodness
  • Create memories 
  • Adds uniqueness 

Fun and Crunchy Goodness

Depending on how much butter there is, popcorn is actually good for you. Essentially, it’s a whole grain that helps lower the risk of heart disease. Naturally, you can’t add too much salt though because you then increase your chance of high blood pressure. Keep your seasoning light though and you can enjoy your gourmet popcorn completely guilt-free.

Create Memories 

Connecting with friends and family whilst sharing food over a movie story is the perfect way to create happy memories. That’s because you’re tapping into your emotions at the same time as you’re using your senses of taste and smell with snacks and gourmet popcorn. Those are the ideal ingredients for making happy memories. 

Adds Uniqueness 

You can have so much fun creating your outdoor movie theater with the right seating and decorations. Furthermore, people will love having some great snacks at the same time. For instance, gourmet popcorn comes in various colors from green, pink, red, gold, blue, and even rainbow. You can therefore put together the ultimate, colorful table of food along with special ambient lighting, plants and even streamers, if you wish. 

What You Need for Your Outdoor Movie Theater

So, let’s have a look at what you actually need to create the best setup possible: 

  • Equipment
  • Cushions and seats 
  • Snacks and gourmet popcorn 
  • Crockery and dispensers 
  • Decoration 
  • Covers 


Clearly, you need either a projector or a widescreen monitor that you can move outside without too much hassle. You’ll also need speakers and cables that reach all the way to your outdoor space. Furthermore, you might want to get a full home entertainment system that works either through a laptop or a Blu-ray movie disc and then connects to your speakers and widescreen monitor. 

Cushions and Seats 

Comfort and decadence are the best part of any outdoor movie theater experience. You’re either enjoying the sun or a starry sky while reclining on giant cushions or a deck chair. The more cushions and comfy seats you can add will also give the impression of a magical world, especially with the right decorations and lighting. Why not even explore matching the theme and colors of your movie? 

Snacks and Gourmet Popcorn

Getting the right food and drinks to keep you and your guests happy during the movie is what makes for a memorable night. It’s also so simple to mail order popcorn online and you can even add popcorn party favor bags for your friends to take home after the movie. Furthermore, you can order some fun gourmet popcorn movie boxes in gold or the famous red and white stripes to create the full movie experience.

Crockery and Dispensers 

When ordering your party popcorn, you’ll notice that they usually come with popcorn scoops, supplies, and bags. Although, you might want to add your own bowls and dishes as well as other snacks. Finger food and cocktail sticks can make for an even more enjoyable experience. Drinks are important too and you might want to order large dispensers for your various refreshments. 


As mentioned, the right decor can make the mood of your home movie. Outdoor spaces often have some green foliage around but you can still add pot plants and flowers on tables. Furthermore, fairy lights can add a special feeling to your arrangement. 


The one thing we can never control is the weather so you might want to be prepared for all possibilities regardless of where you live. You can therefore arrange to have a tarpaulin cover over everyone that protects from both the sun and the rain. Parasols are another useful option and perhaps more flexible to help cater for both people who want the sun and for those who don’t. 

Downsides of an Outdoor Movie Theater

Depending on your personal preferences, there aren’t too many downsides to having your own outdoor movie night. Although, you might want to consider the following points: 

  • Less immersive
  • Needs organization 
  • Initial costs 

Less Immersive

Naturally, the at-home experience is less immersive, especially outdoors. That’s because you’re not in a dark room with a huge surround sound system. Having said that, some people find movie theaters too loud and uncomfortable. Also, there’s something so special about being outdoors for watching movies. 

Needs Organization 

Obviously, you’ll have to get all the food, drinks, and set up in place. Then again, you can ask people to help and to bring something with them. Although, you can keep things simple and not overdo it either. Then, everyone can chip in and move seats and cushions from the house and then back again after the movie. Make it a group experience and everyone has fun at the same time. 

Initial Costs 

It’s worth noting that you have to pay for the equipment. Then again, it’s usually a one-time cost and there are a wide range of choices that suit most budgets. There’s bound to be something you can buy and again, you can always ask your friends to contribute and help. 


Parting Words on Gourmet Popcorn and your Ideal Outdoor Movie Theater 

Hosting an outdoor movie night is both memorable and exciting. You can have so much fun setting up the decoration and establishing the right mood to suit the movie. Furthermore, everyone will enjoy connecting over food and drinks especially if you include colorful gourmet popcorn across your various tables. So, don’t hold back and get creative with your space and refreshments. You’ll also enjoy the experience and everyone will want to come back for more.

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