Perfect Holiday Popcorn Gifts For Christmas

Christmas Popcorn

Tis the season to be jolly ... or stressed. Whichever way you look at it, Christmas comes with a jumble of emotions. The secret to enjoying the festive season is to focus on family and friends and what better way to do that than over a giant tin of gourmet popcorn? Whether you choose savory or caramel popcorn, keep the magic of Christmas alive by creating your very own popcorn tradition.

Light up Your Christmas with Gourmet Popcorn

The pressure of finding the right gift can be stressful. Remember though that it isn't so much about the gift but more about the intention. That's why simple is often best and everyone loves food. Moreover, with gourmet popcorn, you can never go wrong.

1- Christmas decorated gourmet popcorn tins

Snowmen, stockings, presents, wreaths ... the choice of beautifully decorated tins is yours. They don't just hold our delicious gourmet popcorn but they make great gifts.

You and your friends can reuse our metal tins as food containers and pot plants or even as toy boxes and so much more. Be creative as you decorate your house or home office.

After all, Christmas isn't just for one day. Traditionally, decorations go up on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and come down on the twelfth night which is usually on the 6th of January. So, use your popcorn tin to liven up your house in a unique way whilst enjoying the perfect snack throughout the month.

2- Red and gold Christmas caramel popcorn tin

You'll simply love our 2-gallon gold or red-all chocolate caramel popcorn. Enjoy them in your house or watch your friends' eyes open in joy when you give them as gifts.

Red and gold are the perfect holiday colors. Red is all about warmth and energy while gold tends to represent wealth and success. And we all need a bit of a boost on that at times.

Yes, interestingly, red can also represent anger but more specifically it's about energy and passion. We all know that passion can go either way but with gourmet popcorn, you can only bring joyful passion.

3- Sport logo gourmet popcorn tins

Christmas presents are for the whole year. If your friends and family are avid sports fans, why not choose a specialized logo gourmet popcorn tin?

They'll love putting it on their desk at work to show off which team they support. Moreover, using  a popcorn tin for your work knick-knacks is a great conversation starter with your colleagues.

And we all know that sports fan love talking about past and future games as well as legendary passes or goals. So, with your gift, you're also helping your friends and family build social connections at work that can only further support their careers.

4- Make-Your-Own Gift Combo

What can you place by the Christmas tree alongside the perfect caramel popcorn bag? If you're the creative type, you might want to design your unique gift basket.

You just need to source a basket of your choice and then fill it with popcorn bags of different flavors and popcorn tins of different sizes. Why not liven things up by adding their favorite candy bars, cookies and sweets?

Whoever you're giving this to will have plenty to keep them going through the cold January days.

Christmas Popcorn decorations

5- 3-Flavors-in-1

Are you now wondering what to actually put into those awesome tins? You can create your very own lucky mix and get your friends and family to guess which flavor of gourmet popcorn each one is.

Our tins can be split into 3 sections so you can combine caramel popcorn with sweet and salty alongside kettle corn. You can also be more adventurous with cheddar jalapeño popcorn if you prefer.

Don't forget that it's all about the colors to make it a bright Christmas through those winter nights. That's why we have green, red, blue and even a rainbow mix for you to choose from.

6- 6 Gallon Gathering

Whatever popcorn flavor you choose, the tins come in 1, 2, 4 and 6-gallon sizes. There's literally the perfect size for whatever gathering you're planning.

If you're not sure what to do with the kids, you can also get them to create special sauces to go over your sweet and salty or caramel gourmet popcorn. Chocolate works well as does gooey marshmallow.

7- The Best in Gold

Another quirky but fun option is to have a themed Christmas. As we've mentioned, gold is all about wealth and success so perhaps create a little luck for the following year by having a Gold Christmas.

Decorate your Christmas table with our signature gold tins and make sure your tree is covered in gold tinsels and baubles. Gold stars and gold-colored candlesticks are also a great addition.

If it feels like too much gold, you can combine it with white to give it a fresh, elegant look. Together, white and gold say bold but classy that your friends and family will admire and remember for months.

Christmas ball ornament

8- Famous Gourmet Caramel Popcorn

No list is complete without mentioning our famous caramel popcorn. Its sweetness and rich melting taste are a special moment to experience.

Moreover, the sugar gives you a rush of happy chemicals such as dopamine. Of course, you have to eat it in moderation but either way, you get a feel-good moment that's also great to share with others.

You're more likely to bond and build good memories over a bowl of caramel popcorn than by just sitting there together. Also, isn't Christmas designed for a bit of indulgence?

9- Movie Night Rainbow Special

Christmas is also the perfect time to catch up on your movies. Furthermore, those long winter nights seem specially crafted for snuggling up on the sofa to watch films and enjoy some caramel popcorn.

With our red and white striped popcorn boxes, you can also generate the whole movie experience. So, get the right lighting, set up your sound system and launch yourself into your movie as you clutch your movie popcorn box.

10- Cheerful Cheese

Those of you who are partial to cheese will relish our cheese or caramel and cheese mix, the ultimate sweet and savory mix. It also tastes great alongside a plate of cheese and caramel sweets.

You can also get creative and adorn the plate with nuts, berries, cookies, figs and chocolate. All of these do wonders for your taste buds as you enjoy cheese slices with your gourmet popcorn.

The Ups and Downs of Christmas

All of this to make your mouth water but have you ever wondered where Father Christmas of Santa Clause comes from? And can you believe it goes back all the way to a monk in the 3rd Century somewhere in what we now know as Turkey? That's quite a few centuries before Christmas tins and gourmet popcorn.

Saint Nicholas, or Sinter Klaas in Dutch, astounded people around him so much with his generosity that his fame spread throughout Europe and to America across the centuries. Not only did he give away his inherited fortune but he saved three poor sisters from slavery by donating their dowry.

Our gifts today pale in comparison. Nevertheless, the point of giving is the intention and the connection it builds. You're more likely to surprise and delight friends and family with a snowman and stocking-decorated tin of caramel popcorn. You'll create more memories and joy that way than getting it wrong with some expensive gift no one really wanted.

Think about what you really remember from your previous Christmas holidays. Is it the presents or the food and the opportunity to share stories over bowls of gourmet popcorn, chocolate and Christmas cake?

Nonetheless, Christmas also comes with more responsibilities depending on our family situation. So, you might have an insane to-do list of shopping, cooking and decorating the house.

Whatever you do, don't shoulder the full responsibility and make sure you delegate tasks to family and friends. Everyone deserves a happy and restful Christmas so don't hesitate to use these tips.

Plan and budget

Be realistic about what you can achieve and don't hesitate to order from outside if your Christmas gathering is too big to handle. And don't forget your mouth watering caramel popcorn to keep people happy.


Christmas is all about being social but we also need our downtime and alone time. Make sure you schedule that into your diary even if it is only for 20 minutes a day.

Reach out to friends

Families aren't always the easiest and some don't have anyone around them. Try to reach out to friends or volunteer groups to avoid feeling lonely.

Wishing You a Scrumptious Christmas

Christmas brings up a multitude of emotions in people. Make sure you plan ahead whatever is on your to-do list and include some me-time. A great way to do that is with your very own gourmet popcorn tin of your favorite flavors.

Caramel popcorn tins don't just make great gifts, they also give you the opportunity to create the perfect gathering. It's stress-free and everyone enjoys taking their taste buds for a scrumptious experience.

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