Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Movie Fan In Your Life 

Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Movie Fan In Your Life

What's your holiday spirit like? Is it about family and friends or is it about cosying up by the fire with the dogs or the cat? Whether you're the party animal or the reflective type, make sure you get your gourmet popcorn to add some fizz to your holidays.

How Does Your Movie Fan Like to Watch Movies?

Cold wintery nights are just perfect for watching movies. Now that you can get wide screens, projectors and speakers at home, it's only too easy to recreate a movie theater.

You're bound to already know that if you have a movie fan in your life. The question is, what's their favorite style of movie and how do they watch them?

Some people like to have themed parties on movie nights. Others again prefer simple and practical and just want to focus on the film without social distractions.

Most importantly, every movie needs a good selection of snacks. Everyone has their preferences but the old classic gourmet popcorn stands the test of time. Some of us might even remember the old ads with the red and white striped popcorn box dancing along with the hot dog and soda pop drink.

Even if you don't remember the old ads, there's something about gourmet popcorn to complete your movie experience. Whether you choose the classic salt and sweet or caramel popcorn, your taste buds will appreciate the mix of softness and crunch with an explosion of flavors.

Holiday Gifts and Gourmet Popcorn Delights

If you're feeling the pressure of being creative with your holiday gifts, you're not alone. Most of us are busy especially as we come up to the end of the year and being creative takes a certain amount of headspace.

On top of that, have you noticed how you end up buying more things for yourself than for others when you go Christmas shopping?

We all have this natural bias where we tend to get drawn to things that we want only to remember that the person we have in mind isn't interested in the same stuff.

Enter gourmet popcorn.

No one can resist the delight of opening up a beautiful holiday tin filled with fresh, fluffy popcorn. Then, you can always jazz it up with some extra gifts on the side.

1- Giant snowman or Christmas-stocking-popcorn-tin

All our holiday tins are carefully designed to make you smile. We want to bring color and joy to your life as well as a sensory experience. So, we guarantee our tins keep our gourmet popcorn fresh and ready to savor.

Depending on what your movie fan prefers, you can choose the snowman or stocking design, among others. There are also snowflakes, hearts and thank-you tins that you can fill with your choice of gourmet popcorn.

Perhaps cheddar jalapeño adds flavor to an adventure film or caramel popcorn adds smoothness to a romance film? Pair up the theme with the right tin and you'll set the mood for the perfect movie experience.

2- Caramel popcorn in our signature tin

How many movies have a gold theme? Goldfinger and Golden Eye to name some old classics. Wouldn't a gold signature tin add to the atmosphere?

There's a reason Hollywood Oscars are colored gold. It just looks good. You can take the theme one step further and set up your holidays to watch all the Oscar winning films over a period of your choice.

You then can't go wrong if you fill the tin with Pops Famous Caramel popcorn. It will melt in your mouth as you crunch through the fluffiness of the popcorn.

3- Old movie classic books

Snacks are important, but history also usually rates highly for movie fans. The evolution of the cinema is fascinating mainly because it's fun looking at old photos. Styles and fashions change so much that even we can't believe what we used to wear 10 or 20 years ago.

As you reminisce over old photos, why not bring out the tin of caramel popcorn? As you busy your taste buds, you can share your stories of watching the various films you've enjoyed so far.

It's a great way to spend time together and create new memories during these holidays.

Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Movie Fan In Your Life

4- The director's chair

For some movie fans, it's exciting to imagine making a movie one day. It's so much easier getting into that frame of mind when you have the professional Director's chair. Just make sure the side table is close enough so they can reach for their caramel popcorn.

For others, they prefer to collect posters or figurines and perhaps even costumes. Whatever it is that makes your movie fan tick, they'll love you even more if it comes with its own special giant tin of gourmet popcorn with their favorite flavors.

5- Hollywood classics box set

Take your pick from the ever-growing list of box sets whether it's 100 years of cinema, movies from the 60s or the old Westerns. You're bound to find one box set that your movie fan doesn't have yet and what better time to enjoy watching it than during the holidays?

Then, surprise them with a tin of gourmet popcorn with your carefully selected choice of flavors. Do you want to include sour cream & onion along with kettle corn and perhaps some caramel popcorn?

Alternatively, choose simple salted alongside cheese popcorn. You'll find those two flavors go particularly well together.

6- Gourmet popcorn box set

Get creative and make your own special set of popcorn tins. You can mix them up and include holiday tins, sports fan tins and colorful jazzy tins.

To make it even more fun, you can do a special surprise mix of flavors. Of course, start with our special caramel popcorn but then throw in some fun with cheddar cheese or jalapeño gourmet popcorn.

Don’t forget you can also have a fun afternoon together concocting various sauces before a proper movie session.

7- Mini movie projector

These days it’s all about the projector. There’s something efficient and sleek about them that makes you feel all high-tech and modern. You also don’t have to burden yourself with large clunky equipment. Instead, you can get a mini projector that’s much more mobile and just as effective.

With a proper projector, you need to set up the room with the right vibe otherwise, it’s almost a waste of good equipment. So, get the right ambient lights with all the comfy cushions and footstools so you can settle in for your movie session.

Naturally, part of that means getting the perfect snacks. What more could you possibly want than caramel popcorn that melts in the mouth with a satisfying crunch?

8- Popcorn ornaments for the Christmas tree

Everyone loves traditional baubles in reds and greens. Nevertheless, isn’t it fun to chat around the Christmas tree debating who made which decoration or which shop they come from? It’s the one thing you can go fully kitsch with and no judgments.

If you’re wondering what popcorn tree ornaments look like, think mini red-and-white striped movie boxes and garlands of gourmet popcorn. Why not even make a mini Christmas tree of green and red popcorn puffs? On the big day, you won’t run out of tasty snacks.

Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Movie Fan In Your Life

9- Movie socks

What’s better than cosy socks for those long winter nights settled on the sofa for your favorite movies? No one likes having cold feet especially when it’s dark and dreary outside. It just somehow gets your mood down. So, brighten up those dark nights with some colorful movie socks.

Although, you can also buy branded socks with various logos representing all the top movies. The movie fan in your life will love parading those at work during the festive season. After all, they’re great conversation starters about who’s seen what film and what’s next on the list.

10- Red and white striped gourmet popcorn boxes

No list can forget the iconic popcorn box that started the wonderful combination of movies and gourmet popcorn. At Popscorn, we offer those very boxes so you can recreate the nostalgia of old movies and traditional movie theaters at home.

Moreover, you can be more innovative with flavors now that we’ve moved along from simple salt and sweet. Sometimes that’s still the best but make sure you enjoy our more exotic flavors too.

Maybe caramel popcorn goes well alongside jalapeño or is it just cheesy popcorn that works with caramel flavors? Discover for yourself over the holiday season and challenge each other to some blind tasting games if you dare.

Happy Gourmet Popcorn Holidays

If you think the movie fan in your life has it all, look no further than gourmet popcorn. You can delight them with box sets, vibrant tins and mouth watering flavors.

Whether you choose to give them special movie editions, popcorn Christmas decorations or unique popcorn movie boxes, you’ll never run out of luscious snacks. Those long, dark, wintery nights won’t feel so gloomy as you keep your taste buds alive.

We all need some comfort and decadence over the holidays and no one does that better than Popscorn.

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