The Best Halloween Treats From Popcorn To Party Foods

PopsCorn - The Best Halloween Treats From Popcorn To Party Foods

“Tis now the very witching time of night, when churchyards yawn and … ” You can choose to finish Hamlet’s observation that hell comes to this world during the night. Alternatively, you can simply welcome the joyful spirit that comes with Halloween. From indulgence to party food, popcorn tins filled with the very best gourmet popcorn and so much more.

Top Creepy Treats to Spook Your Friends

Halloween is an old Celtic festival that aims to keep away evil spirits. The idea is that the bonfires and costumes will scare them away.

In other words, it was the end of the summer and the arrival of winter which often meant death for many families. 2000 years ago, most people didn’t survive much beyond the age of 40. The winters were particularly harsh. 

These days, more people have access to central heating and warm clothes. So, we can enjoy the change in seasons with the clothes that come with it. You can finally wear your funky new boots or thick coat. 

Let’s not forget the parties, the bright lights and the fun food. Inspire yourself with this list of treats and make this a Halloween to remember. 

1- Enchanted popcorn delight 

Create your own magic with an arrangement of popcorn tins and colors. There are many styles of popcorn to choose from and they come in all sorts of colors.

Don’t miss out on our classic ghoulish black and orange best gourmet popcorn packs. You can enjoy them plain and salted or sweet or a mix of both. Why not add a layer of chocolate sauce on top for some extra zing? 

You can also get creative and choose our rainbow-colored selection. The best gourmet popcorn tastes even better when it comes in red, blue, green and orange. Somehow, the eyes help trigger our salivating glands as we anticipate the awesome taste of the very best gourmet popcorn.

Those colors also spell out Halloween if you know where to look. After all, witches’ nails come in red, black cats have green eyes, pumpkins are orange and the glow of an eerie night is blue. 

2- Happy Halloween popcorn tins

The old classics still work. Our 1 and 2 gallon Happy Halloween popcorn tins act as delightful mementos. After Halloween, you can use them as handy storage tins around your house or prop them by your desk as a wastepaper bin.

Why not get all dressed up and use your Halloween popcorn tins as your witch’s cauldron? They’re also useful for trick or treating if you’ve run out of ideas. 

Get creative with what you fill the tins with. Not only can you create a color mix but also an amazing burst of flavors. Why not mix the sweet and sour of the best gourmet popcorn? What about our famous caramel popcorn or even cheese and caramel mix? 

Keep surprising your party guests as you play around with the various tastes and flavors. 

3- Salt and sweet, terror or treat? 

You either love it or hate it. If you’re a purist, you want to separate out the tastes. Then again, most of us don’t realize that salt is a natural flavor enhancer. 

If you really want to go all out, you can make some whacky sauce to cover it. Perhaps a green goo or some blood splatter? You can easily create a nice and sticky covering by melting marshmallows with food coloring.

Yes, the salt makes the sugar taste that much sweeter. And our brains love it. So, have fun with it and indulge as you sit back in your salt circle of protection that keeps away all the ghosts and demons. Of course, your popcorn tins are also safely inside your protective circle for your enjoyment. 

4- Witches’ fingers 

Old, gnarled fingers always do the trick. There are so many opportunities to make your friends jump if you know where to place them around the party area. 

Depending on how much of a cook you are, you can make the fingers by baking biscuits into shape or just by filling celery sticks. In both cases, almonds make for the perfect nails. 

If you’re filling celery sticks, you can use almond or peanut butter. Another option is cashew butter. Essentially, you want a brownish color to look like an old witch’s skin. 

Although, witches’ fingers don’t just stop there. You can literally make them from anything including pizza sticks or pretzel sticks covered in hardened candy. Paint the nails any color you want with icing and you’re ready for your party. 

5- Popcorn eyeballs 

There’s something about eyeballs that just make you squirm. Is it because they look so exposed when outside their socket? Perhaps it’s that squelching sound you can almost imagine as you squash them? 

Whatever it is, eyeballs make the difference when completing the look with your Halloween party food table. 

You have many choices when it comes to using the best gourmet popcorn for eyeballs. For example, melt some caramel popcorn into several large lumps and stick some pre-made icing sugar eyeballs into the lumps.

Another approach is to stick a few of the best gourmet popcorn balls together with melted sugar into a medium-sized eyeball. You then stick an iris and pupil made from candy clay. You’ll have fun with your kids or friends in the process. 

6- Mini pumpkin pie 

No Halloween list would be complete without some form of pumpkin pie. The mini pies are great for parties as easy to eat whilst standing and chatting. 

Of course, you can also bake a full-sized pumpkin pie and cover it with sweet popcorn balls into the shape of an evil face on the top. Another crazy idea is to fill the actual pumpkin with popcorn. What flavor of the best gourmet popcorn would you then choose? 

To complete the picture, you can put your candle into a few popcorn tins to create a glow around your popcorn-filled pumpkin head. This will definitely catch your friends’ attention. 

PopsCorn - The Best Halloween Treats From Popcorn To Party Foods

7- Halloween cupcakes 

Another great classic is the cupcake. Flavors range from chocolate to strawberry and pumpkin or banana and so many more. The fun part is what you put on top. 

How creative can you be with your icing and popcorn? Can you draw spiders or even ghosts on top of your muffins? Perhaps you can buy them ready-made or find that edible paper in the shape of something scary? 

Other favorite options to garnish your cupcakes with are squiggly eyes or mini skulls. You can even put mini gravestones out of icing or mini biscuits to create a different look. Perhaps you can turn the best gourmet popcorn into a min-brain to put on top of your cupcakes? The list is endless ranging from bat wings to witches’ hats, cobwebs and black cats. 

8- Mummy sausage rolls 

If you enjoy cooking, why not make your own special mummy sausage rolls? With some clever twisting of the pastry, you can leave appropriate gaps that look like the cloth. 

You can then add some ready-made googly eyes or make your own. Some simple icing sugar and coloring should do the trick. To be really creative, you could make some eye-popping eyes out of your best gourmet popcorn. 

For your vegetarian friends, you can apply the same concept but get creative with your filling. Perhaps you can go for a sweet taste and create some form of strawberry pie? Otherwise, of course, you always have the option of veggie sausages. 

9- Spiders galore

Traditionally, people used to think that witches had black cats and spiders following them around everywhere. Essentially, they’re supposed to be evil although you have to feel some sympathy towards black cats. They probably never really wanted to bother anyone. 

Regardless, there’s something creepy about spiders and they can look so realistic and squirmy on  food. Think mini pizzas and deviled eggs covered in spiders or olives with legs wrapped around them. 

Why not fill your popcorn tins with both the best gourmet popcorn along with a few handfuls of sugary edible spiders? They’ll look great against the orange and black special popcorn Halloween mix. 

10- Magic cheesy broomstick 

Last but not least, where would a witch be without her broomstick? Or her popcorn tins of special Halloween popcorn for that matter? 

Again, with this one, you have the simple option and the more advanced culinary option. For your first option, you can put a lightly shredded cheese bit on top of a pretzel stick.

The more advanced option means making mini chocolate-shaped broom ends to attach to your pretzel sticks. For those who love a crazy explosion of tastes, attach a cheesy ball of the best gourmet popcorn to the top of your pretzel stick or on top of the chocolate. 

PopsCorn - The Best Halloween Treats From Popcorn To Party Foods

Wishing you a happy haunting Halloween 

You’ll have a night to remember with the awesome costumes and wacky Halloween party food. Don’t forget the atmospheric decorations along with pumpkin lights and fake cobwebs around your house. 

You can then all cosy up around your treats and large popcorn tins away from the cold and the darkness. Let’s make it a Halloween to remember as we banish all those evil spirits away.

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