Why Gourmet Popcorn Tins Are Simply The Best

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“I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world's variety and uniqueness.” What better way to follow Maya Angelou’s words than with the best gourmet popcorn? It looks so simple and yet, it’s so powerful. Colorful popcorn tins filled with crunchy, smooth, or fluffy balls of scrumptiousness can only bring joy and delight. 

The Perfect Gift 

Have you noticed how easy it is to fill your house with pens, old eye shadow and other knick knacks? Somehow that kitchen drawer is always full but you can’t find anything. 

Some of us love hoarding but at some point, it’s inspiring to have a great-looking tin. Popcorn tins are large enough to make the perfect storage for all those knick-knacks that we don’t want to throw away. 

Most importantly, popcorn tins are light and durable. On top of that, they look fun and colorful. They’re charming, wholesome and, in some cases, they’re even retro. Popcorn tins bring a certain uniqueness to any home or office. 

Let’s also not forget that you fill them with the best gourmet popcorn which is also perfect for any occasion. You can even play around with the colors and match the popcorn with the tin. After all, the best gourmet popcorn now comes in all colors including rainbow colored. 

Depending on who you’re giving the best gourmet popcorn to, you might prefer sweet or salty popcorn or even a mix of both. There are many more exotic flavors to choose from such as cheddar jalapeño. 

Have fun with your popcorn tins and surprise your friends and family with a unique mix of flavors that you blend together. Clearly, you can also add some of your favorite sauces to bring even more zing to your gift. 

Either way, you’re getting two gifts in one which isn’t just the best but also memorable such as in these examples: 

Signature gold popcorn tins to smarten up your home office

We’re emotionally drawn to gold by the way it shines. It also warms up your office as a tidy wastepaper bin. It just feels glamorous to throw something away into gold.

Passionate red makes the perfect flower pot

The color red conjures up a range of emotions such as love and passion. Although, sometimes also anger. You can balance out the red with the purity of white flowers or the calmness of blue flowers.

Sunflowers say “get well soon” 

There’s a reason sunflowers are named after the sun. They’re vibrant and full of happiness and hope. That’s why we have a sunflower on our special “get well soon” tin. It’s the perfect gift to tell your loved ones that you care and wish them well.

Remember Life Moments 

Many of us are constantly caught up in the mind’s whirlwind of anxiety and stress. The mind enjoys its parallel universes of various worst-case scenarios or what-if speculations. 

One of the best ways to get out of the thinking rut is to use our senses. By focusing on our sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, we give the mind a break.

Moreover, we lock in memories more easily.

The best gourmet popcorn gives us the ideal way to do this. Imagine if you will the smell of freshly made popcorn with perhaps the aroma of a chocolate sauce wafting through. 

Within minutes, you then see a mound of the best gourmet popcorn in a red tin covered in hearts and your taste buds salivate in anticipation. You can probably also imagine the crunch of the popcorn alongside the chocolate melting in your mouth. 

Add to this experience a major life moment and the tin will mark the day forever. You’ll remember the feast for your senses every time you look at that heart-covered tin sitting on your shelf or your desk.


Everyone loves a good birthday. Add to that the perfect tin filled with red, blue, or green popcorn of your favorite flavor. They naturally brighten up any room or birthday table. 

You can even surprise people by filling the popcorn tins with a mix of surprise flavors. We have everything from caramel & cheese, sour cream & onion, and of course, sweet & salty. 

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Baby showers

Another day to remember for life. Whether you want pink or blue or even a mix, we’ve got you covered. Again, fill the tins with other popcorn colors if you want. You can even choose popcorn tins covered in hearts. The choice is yours as you create the memory with your family and friends.

Valentine’s day proposals 

We might defer to saying that proposing on valentine’s day is cheesy. Then again, does anyone ever complain when it does happen? Deep down we all dream of being swept off our feet. So, shower her or him with popcorn in heart-covered tins and of course, with the right ring.

Celebrate Seasons with the Best Gourmet Popcorn

What’s your favorite season? Do you prefer the colors of Autumn or the crisp snow in the Winter?

Then again, everyone loves the bright Summer sunshine with its clear blue skies and radiant green trees. Yes, time passes quickly but one way to appreciate it is to celebrate the seasons and  remember what we love about each one. 

The best part of popcorn is that we have a tin for every season. Choose a more comforting color from our popcorn tins for curling up on the sofa in front of your favorite film while the blizzard blazes away outside. Alternatively, pick something bright and cheery for throwing frisbees at the beach. 

Seasons aren’t just about the weather. We also enjoy our festivals because they’re a great way to take time off with friends and family. Moreover, popcorn tins are decorated accordingly. 

Again, the best gourmet popcorn helps you mark the seasons while giving you something to remember the festivals by. Otherwise, they merge into one. So, be creative and make a point to note which of the popcorn tins you choose for all of these festivals. 


We all love dressing up so why not dress up your popcorn tins? Choose our Halloween specials to make this year one to remember. 

gourmet popcorn tins


Whether you look forward to Christmas or dread the family drama, you’ll find comfort in our best gourmet popcorn. You’ll then be able to laugh and reminisce about the memories by keeping your Santa popcorn tins around the house. 


If you have kids, you’ll enjoy egg painting and cake making with the family. Throw in our best gourmet popcorn and you know something will be perfect. 

Memorialize Special Events  

Popcorn tins are charming and versatile. They mark special days and seasons. What about those other days that mean something to us whether it’s a family outing or moving into our first house? 

Not only do popcorn tins mark events but they’re also fun for the creative types. There are many ways to transform your tin beyond simply refilling it with the best gourmet popcorn. 

Some people like to turn their tins into lampshades while others use them as vibrant toy storage pots. Others again like to use them as footstools or simply as food containers. Moreover, bread, dog kibble, and biscuits keep fresh inside popcorn tins. 

Another bonus of getting decorative and unique popcorn tins is that they make a statement. Essentially, you’re telling people that your friends and family love you and think of you. 

You’ll remember that every time you look at your tin and you’ll give yourself a natural boost of happy hormones. The mind responds to triggers of happy memories to make you feel good. 

So, don’t forget to bring your popcorn tins for all these special events: 

Your favorite sports team winning

Everyone likes to talk about their teams. There’s no better conversation started than having one of our popcorn tins branded with your team logo on your desk at work or in your sitting room at home. You can then enjoy the debate that usually follows about which team is the best. 

Housewarming parties

Moving into a house is stressful although the party afterwards is fun. Savor the moment of finally having unpacked everything with your friends over a bowl of popcorn. You’ll want to keep that colorful tin forever as you remember your special home. 

Mum and Dad’s special days 

Family is what matters the most. That’s why you want to thank your Mum and Dad with their own popcorn tin. You can choose special father’s day popcorn tins or just go for the heart tins for Mum. Pick and choose what works best for your parents to enjoy a day with you. 

Choose Popcorn Tins For Your Life Occasions

The best gourmet popcorn wakes up your senses every time. You don’t just get a burst of pleasure and delight. You also connect your memory with whatever day or event you’re experiencing. This triggers feel-good feelings every time you look at the popcorn tin in the future. 

Furthermore, popcorn tins have as many uses as you can conjure up. Be creative with your friends and make lampshades or flower pots. If that’s not you, simply use your tins as decorative storage pots. 

Either way, popcorn tins are the best. They offer you delicious popcorn and a useful memento to go with it. Friends and family will thank you for their gift. Although, perhaps you want to keep it for yourself instead?

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