Why Popcorn Tins Make the Perfect Gift

Why Popcorn Tins Make the Perfect Giftlo

How do you eat your popcorn? What do you put on your little fluffy balls of happiness? Each crunch of the best gourmet popcorn calms you down and brings you into the moment as you savor the flavors. Best of all is when you have some popcorn tins to remind you of those moments of bliss. 

Why Everyone Loves Popcorn Tins

Popcorn tins aren’t just the perfect gift box. They’re also practical and can be used in many different ways.

Moreover, most of us need extra storage both at work and at home. Somehow the tidying up process is also made more enjoyable when we can use gift boxes that remind us of happy times.

What better way to help someone declutter than by offering them the best gourmet popcorn?

Popcorn tins are fun and bring so much more than just the best gourmet popcorn:


Everyone remembers that scary movie night huddled around the best gourmet popcorn. What about the birthday party with our gold signature tins giving some extra zing to the table? 

Each tin comes packed with memories of how the popcorn was shared with friends and family. Such memory items are what transform houses into homes.

A statement

Sports games are just the place to share big tins of blue, pink, green, or rainbow popcorn. After all, you have to match your sports colors to mark the occasion properly. 

It’s the same with popcorn tins. After the game, you can proudly place your branded tin on your desk at work so everyone knows which team you follow. 

This is especially exciting when your team wins of course.

Large but light

Yes, popcorn tins look great and can help you show off your sports team. The best part though is that they’re sturdy but light. 

They can also hold more than you realize which is why there are so many potential uses for them.  Check out the following list as you consider what flavor popcorn to fill up your tins with.  

Why Popcorn Tins Make the Perfect Gift

The Gift of Popcorn Tins

The power of gifts is that they connect us with people and remind us why we appreciate each other. Gifts make both the giver and the receiver happy as they trigger feel-good emotions.

So, have a think about how some of the following ideas of how to use popcorn tins could benefit your friends and family:

1- Stationery holder

Are your desk drawers also filled with an array of pens and pencils? Somehow you never seem to have the right one to hand though. They’re lost under the pads and other bulky things in the way.

Instead, use your popcorn tins to get your bulky items out of the way. Declutter your desk and place sharpeners, staplers, and mini-pads of paper in your fun popcorn tin. 

2- Lampshade

A more creative use for your popcorn tins is to convert them into lampshades. You can either drill small holes into the metal or you can leave them as they are. 

A bright enough bulb will be perfect under a popcorn tin shade in a bedroom for example. No one wants glaring light when they go to bed at night. Instead, enjoy a soft glow as you reminisce on those special occasions when you ate the best gourmet popcorn. 

3- Study wastepaper bin

Assuming you only ever throw away paper in the study, popcorn tins are perfect as bins. Ideally, you don’t want to cover the design with a bin bag liner but of course, you can if you prefer. In that case, maybe cut the top part off so you can still see the popcorn tin’s design.

Nevertheless, our signature gold tins look very smart and dashing in a home office. There’s something distinguished about the color gold in a setting where you write, work, and reflect. 

4- Flower pots

For the avid gardener, popcorn tins are great for planting flowers or kitchen herbs. Simply fill the tin with the right earth and seeds and your mini-home garden is born!

Some more creative people might want to redesign their popcorn tins. In those cases, you can use some glue and old rope to wind around your tins. Alternatively, you can have some fun with spray paints and a stencil.

Don’t forget that if you choose the creative route, you might miss out on the memory trigger. Sometimes we want to keep our “Best Dad Ever” popcorn tin.

Then again, why not order more popcorn and more tins and create an array of memories and arts-and-crafts fun? 

5- Mini-ottoman

Relaxing is just better with your feet up. Luckily, popcorn tins are just big enough to give you a mini-foot rest. 

Ottoman originally came from Turkey in the late 18th Century in the form of a padded footrest. The idea is still a good one and these days, you can combine it with eating the best gourmet popcorn. 

6- Kibble container

Anyone who lives with dogs knows that we need extra space to keep their food. Popcorn tins make the best containers for kibble because the metal keeps things fresh. 

Although, it’s worth noting that kibble is generally better for younger dogs because older dogs struggle to digest it. Make sure you also regularly clean out the tin because bacteria will eventually enter. 

These days there’s so much debate about what to feed your dogs. Whether you should feed kibble or canned food or even fresh and raw food all depends on the dog. 

Whatever you decide, talk to your vet or, even better, your dog’s nutritionist. Either way, you can have fun with popcorn tins and put your dog’s treats in them too.

Why Popcorn Tins Make the Perfect Gift 1

7- Decorative display

With all the different designs available, you can make an awesome decorative display after you’ve finished the best gourmet popcorn.

To give you some ideas, you can place the tins on some shelves in a child’s room and place teddy bears and other fluffy toys in them. Make sure the heads and arms are poking out to wave at anyone passing by.

When you’ve collected enough popcorn tins, you can arrange them in a pyramid display. Another amazing way to add color to any room. 

8- Toy storage

Have you noticed how toys always somehow get under your feet? If you’re not walking on them and breaking them, you’re tripping over them.

Instead, use popcorn tins to keep everything tidy and out of the way. This is particularly fun for those children collecting lego pieces. For example, they can see how many popcorn tins they can fill with lego.

Mini cars, dinosaurs, puzzles, and doll accessories also go well into popcorn tins. The best part is that it’s so easy to simply scoop everything up at the end of the day and place it into its tin. 

9- Food storage

Metal containers are always great for storing food. It’s strong, durable, and stops contaminants from coming in. That’s also why it’s so perfect for the best gourmet popcorn and to keep it the best.

Of course, you can keep filling your tins with popcorn. You can also fill them with bread and chocolate, to give you a few examples. Metal also keeps bread and chocolate fresh and moist without it hardening or going stale. 

10- Best gourmet popcorn

Let’s not forget that popcorn tins are also great for popcorn. There are so many flavors to choose from that you’re bound to find your favorite.

You can even match the color of your popcorn with the color of your tins. Perhaps you have a favorite color or does your sports team have some colors you want to use?

Then it’s the big question of which flavor you want with your colors. Are you more traditional with classic salt and sweet or are you more exotic with cheddar jalapeño popcorn?

Have you also tried our famous caramel and cheese mix? You’ll be amazed at how those flavors go together leaving you wishing you’d got more.

Then again, you can always get more and keep your popcorn tins as they were originally designed: to hold the best gourmet popcorn. 

Find the Perfect Popcorn Tins for Those You Love

Everyone loves popcorn tins because they’re special gifts that remind you of the moments you shared eating the best gourmet popcorn. Tins mark the occasion and they allow you to make a statement when you later place them on your desk at work or around your home.

We love our memories but we also like things to be neat and tidy. Popcorn tins give you some fun storage space that’s both light and colorful. Then again, you can also launch into some arts and crafts and redesign your tins if you prefer.

Whether you keep your popcorn tins for storage or repurpose them as bins and lampshades, you’ll never forget the happiness that a bowl full of crunchy, fluffy balls brings to any gathering. They’re so simple and yet so perfect with the explosion of flavors and texture.

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