10 Best Gourmet Popcorn Flavors Ranked

10 Best Gourmet Popcorn Flavors Ranked

“Happiness is great food and great company”. No truer words were spoken about the best gourmet popcorn. Just the thought of popcorn conjures up images of fun times with people whether at the movies, a game, or enjoying after-dinner snacks.

Add to that experience the extra delight of discovering specially decorated gourmet popcorn tins for your home. You now have the perfect combination of happy taste buds, a colorful home, and great memories. 

The 10 Best Gourmet Popcorn For You To Try

What’s your perfect combination for the ultimate taste experience? 
Is it a blend of crunchiness and sweetness? Perhaps you prefer your best gourmet popcorn to melt in saltiness?

Have you ever wondered what makes the sense of taste so wonderful? Scientists tell us that the right taste triggers pleasure chemicals in our brains. Although, did you know that around 80 to 90% of our taste comes from the smell of food?

Yes, the experience of taste comes down to a host of things ranging from texture and smell to the actual flavors. Although, we’re all different and some of us like contrast whereas others just want pure sweetness.

Which of these will you pick to fill your gourmet popcorn tins?

1- Pops famous caramel

Imagine that perfect mix of sweetness with a nutty, bitter flavor. It’s simply divine. The caramel melts in the mouth as it becomes stickier and the flavors even stronger.

Then you have the crunchiness of the popcorn to complement it all.

Can you really walk away from unfinished caramel gourmet popcorn tins? If you’re honest, we tend to want more. Of course, there’s also the fact that our happy chemicals have been triggered by the sugar in the caramel.

Nevertheless, you can rest assured that our famous caramel and best gourmet popcorn is a healthy treat. Clearly, it has a few more calories than an apple but we guarantee you the best natural products.

Moreover, our best gourmet popcorn is freshly popped and only contains its own natural goodness. It’s high in fiber as well as antioxidants that reduce your chance of cancer and heart disease.

2- Sweet and salty

Everyone loves the old classics. There’s something so delightful about being surprised by the taste you experience when eating the best gourmet popcorn

Moreover, combining salt and sugar is pure euphoria for the brain. We need salt to survive and we need sugar for energy. So, our brains are hardwired to seek out these two ingredients.

On top of that, salt is a flavor enhancer that boosts the sweetness you can taste and adds a layer of complexity. Yes, there really is a lot of science behind such fabulous tastes.

As an added bonus, why not get special red and white gourmet popcorn tins to remind you of the old cinema popcorn carts? Those iconic red and white stripes will get your memories going as you reminisce with old friends.

3- Cheese popcorn tins

Is it buttery? Is it more of a nutty flavor?

Everyone describes cheese popcorn differently but we all love it. Moreover, it’s perfect for parties to spice up the flavors. People don’t always think of cheese popcorn but it never fails to impress. 

As a popular choice, it comes in bulk bags of the best gourmet popcorn. Although, you can also get our social gold signature tins to go with it perhaps as a gift for a housewarming party.

Gourmet popcorn tins are the perfect souvenir gift because they're multifunctional. Of course, you can always refill them with more popcorn. Although, many use them in various ways around their house.

For example, the tins can double up as pot plants or waste paper bins. They’re also handy containers and not just for the best gourmet popcorn. 

4- Sour cream and onion

We all know sour cream and onion crisps but why not a healthier option by choosing the best gourmet popcorn? There’s a lot less salt content.

This rather unique and wonderful mix of flavors was perhaps created by a chef who combined sour cream with onion soup. Although the French will tell you that sour cream is used in many sauces and with many different ingredients.

The French love their sauces almost as much as the Americans and how wonderful that this particular combination also enhances our love of popcorn. 

10 Best Gourmet Popcorn Flavors Ranked

5- Cheddar jalapeño

If you don’t already know, jalapeños come from Mexico. Depending on how hot and spicy you like your flavors, you can add them to anything.

Some people get very creative with their jalapeños. You can literally add them to anything you want to add some kick to. Anything ranging from meats to fish, salads, soups, and even chocolate.

Adding jalapeño to cheese seems like an obvious choice also. A bit of nuttiness always goes well with a bit of spice. Add to that the fresh crunchiness of the best gourmet popcorn and you have another perfect treat. 

6- Caramel & cheese mix

This is another interesting combination of tastes, which again goes back to mixing sweet with savory. It seems that this mix might have come from the Norwegians. 

Although, technically the Norwegians eat brown cheese which is more of a caramelized cheese rather than caramel added to cheese. Nevertheless, it has sugar and cheese ingredients. Moreover, they eat it anytime during the day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Why not do the same with your caramel and cheese popcorn? Bring out your favorite gourmet popcorn tins to brighten up the breakfast table and you have a happy start to your day.

Think of it as a mix of sharpness from the cheese with sugary crunchiness from the caramel. It’s another creative way to satisfy your salt and sugar cravings and all with a healthy puff of corn. 

7- Classic salty 

You can’t go wrong with just some salt to enhance the natural flavors of the popcorn. Moreover, you don’t have to feel too guilty knowing that we all need some salt to survive. Of course, you should never add too much.

This one is also perfect for parties because some of your friends might be picky and prefer simpler tastes. Although, did you know that our genes have a lot to say about whether we naturally prefer salt or if we have a sweet tooth?

Either way, don’t forget to boost your overall experience with some awesome gourmet popcorn tins. Classic salty goes with everything ranging from baby shower gifts to corporate gifts.

Whether you prefer red, blue, multicolored, or covered in hearts, we have it all for you. You can even find tins with your own football club logo that will look perfect on any proud fan’s desk.  

8- Kettle corn 

For the traditionalists, this is the original recipe. Essentially, it’s our best gourmet popcorn mixed with some sugar, salt, and oil in large iron kettles. This adds a unique flavor although it’s predominantly sweet.

Kettle corn popcorn is coming back in vogue because it tastes so good. You can find it at carnivals and fairs and now you can bring it to your own home in your chosen gourmet popcorn tins.

9- Chocolate covered bulk rainbow

Taste has a lot to do with smell as well as how things look. Essentially, our eyes complete the picture and color makes things more fun.

Gourmet rainbow popcorn looks great at parties or for those special movie nights. You feel special just by looking at the bowl of popcorn. Life should be lived in color.

Moreover, we only use happy colors in our rainbow popcorn. So, blue for some calm, red for some passion, yellow for spontaneity, and green for optimism and freshness. What else could you possibly wish for?

Now add some melted chocolate to our perfect rainbow popcorn and you’ve made yourself a bowl of pure happiness. 

10- Plain buttery bulk popcorn 

For those who prefer simple but elegant, buttery bulk popcorn served in our signature gourmet popcorn tins is perfect. You’ll feel graceful and refined as you share this tin of pure goodness with your friends and family.

Of course, the trick is to use butter-flavored oil to stop your popcorn from going all mushy. Instead, you want to keep that crunchiness that makes you feel like you’re just eating perfectly flavored air. And we know just how to make that perfect crunchy puff of air.

There’s a secret art to making the perfect puff of corn. It’s all about the pressure and the flipping and the heat. Add a bit of science and the butter enhances everything whilst keeping the crunch.

10 Best Gourmet Popcorn Flavors Ranked 2

What Are You Going to Try First?

We’re all different and we all favor different tastes. Although, most people would be happy with any of the above choices. The question is, which one do you rate as the best gourmet popcorn?

Moreover, are you all about the decor, or do you simply focus on the food? Will you make your party table or movie side table look even more dazzling with the right gourmet popcorn tins? In that case, which style is yours?

So many awesome options. The best part is that you’re creating memories in the process. Have fun with it and share it with as many of your friends and family. After all, popcorn is all about sharing.lo

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