Pops Corn - Top Father’s Day Gifts for the Popcorn-Obsessed Dad

 Pops Corn - Top Father’s Day Gifts for the Popcorn-Obsessed Dad

If you’re stuck on what to get your Dad for Father’s Day, don’t worry. We have you covered at Popscorn. While times have changed, Dads are often still the providers so it’s hard to find the perfect gift. Instead, be original and make them smile with our special gourmet popcorn tins.

Why Popcorn is Perfect for Father’s Day

Most of us think of gifts related to sports or perhaps a book about sport. While some Dads love this, it can feel a bit cliche.

I don’t know how many sets of golf balls I’ve given my Dad over the years. Admittedly, he’s always losing his golf balls but just once, I’d like to be original with my gift.

Of course, if your Dad is anything like mine then when you ask him what he wants he just says for you to be happy. Whilst that might be true, you still want to do something to show how much you appreciate him.
Let’s remember that Dads love to be included in whatever their children are doing. What better way to do that than by getting them gourmet popcorn tins you can share together?

Popcorn isn’t just yummy, colorful and something different. You also give your Dad the perfect experience:

Create memories

  • Everyone remembers the films they’ve enjoyed over the years while eating  from gourmet popcorn tins. And we all love talking about our favorite films.

Now you can create new memories with Dad while reminiscing and generally chatting over your gourmet popcorn tins.

Bond over fun snacks

  • No one thinks of buying popcorn for themselves to eat alone. This is a shared activity that your Dad will remember for years.

Moreover, popcorn gives you something to talk about. For those introverts among us, we can also enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the burst of flavors that come with gourmet popcorn tins.

The perfect blend of flavors

  • There are so many choices these days. Popcorn on its own is a healthy snack full of high-fiber whole grains that decrease heart disease.

Although, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of indulgence, especially on Father’s Day. So, are you going to choose chocolate-covered or cheese-flavored?

Actually, pretty much any flavor you can think of is possible. 

Popcorn Lovers and Their Perfect Gift

Let’s now get down to specifics. Think about what your Dad might prefer as you go down this list of choices for your gourmet popcorn tins:

1- I love you tins

Sometimes, simple is best. No one ever gets tired of hearing or reading the words “I love you”. Most of us also don’t say them enough.

The words also linger on pleasantly as your Dad can keep the tin. He might have it on his bookshelf at home or he might take it to work. That’s also a great excuse to talk about you and how proud he is.

Dads love talking about their kids even if you don’t realize it. You might not be around to hear him gush but he’ll still enjoy having a reason to show you off at work.

2- Gold signature tins

These lifetime tins look great as anything ranging from a wastepaper bin for the study to a plant pot and storage tin. In fact, if your Dad is the creative type, he’ll appreciate the challenge of how to best use his tin.

Most importantly, you can refill the gourmet popcorn tins with popcorn. Why not make it a regular thing? You can alternate between sweet and sour on various weekends for example.

At Pops Corn, we also offer a variety of colors to jazz up your gold tin gift. It’s the perfect way to surprise and delight your Dad on Father’s Day. 

3- Sport fan tins

No matter what type of sports fan your Dad is, you can find the tin the right logo. All sports fans are proud of their team and are loyal to the end.

Once you’ve found the perfect tin, fill it up with any combination of colored and flavored popcorn. Do you want blue caramel popcorn or do you prefer our simple caramel and cheese mix?

Yes, you can go crazy with the mixing if you want.   

Why not even get the popcorn in the colors that fit his sports team? Again, you make it a thing and refill the gourmet popcorn tins for every major match and enjoy it together.

4- Movie fan tins

Everyone remembers those original red and white striped carton boxes you’d get when you bought popcorn. Today, you can recreate that experience.

Order online the empty boxes from Pops Corn and fill them up with the flavors your Dad will enjoy.  Even better, organize the movie night for your Dad with the whole family.

Then you surprise Dad with the whole setup of gourmet popcorn tins, special scoops and movie night boxes. It’s the perfect gift to create a special day only for Dad.

Pops Corn - Top Father’s Day Gifts for the Popcorn-Obsessed Dad 1

5- Thank you tins

Naturally, we want to tell Dad we love him. We also usually want to thank him for everything he’s done for us.

Life tends to fly by too quickly and we often forget to pause and say thank you. Of course Dad knows we’re grateful but sometimes we need to say it.

Gourmet popcorn tins that say thank you on them are a simple way to share your gratitude. Your Dad will keep the tin forever and you fill it with a fun popcorn mix to mark the day in your memories forever. 

6- Special extra hearts tin

Hearts say it all. And they look great on the side of gourmet popcorn tins.
Why not order an extra-large size and go for the two-gallon option? The whole family can savor the popcorn together while appreciating each other’s company.

Then, the question is do you go for the special caramel topping or the ultra-soft chocolate that melts on your tongue?

Perhaps your Dad has a savoury tooth and prefers a mix of cheese or simple salt? Don’t go too crazy with the toppings and everyone can eat this healthy snack guilt-free. 

7- Best Dad ever

Ok so many of us think we have the best Dad ever. The point is that he’s the best Dad for us. Father’s Day is the opportunity to remember to tell him.

The gourmet popcorn tins for the best Dad are both fun, colorful and memorable. No father is ever going to deny the pride he feels when he’s told he’s the best Dad. 

8- Three cheeses popcorn 

Is your Dad mad about DIY? Does he spend hours in the shed tinkering away and making or fixing things?

Everyone needs snacks when they’re working. The three-cheese option is a great one because it will keep him alert thanks to the strong flavors. He might also try to guess which one he’s eating at any one time.

DIY work needs a bit of fun with variety for the senses. What better way to do that than with cheese-flavored gourmet popcorn tins?

9- Surprise sweet & salt mix

All of us need alone time and that includes Dad. Whether he likes to go fishing or play golf, he’ll appreciate having his gourmet popcorn tins with him to keep him entertained.

There’s something about a sweet and salt popcorn mix that keeps you on your toes. Just when you’ve had a few mouthfuls of sugar, suddenly up pops a salt-covered popcorn.

Little surprises on the taste buds make alone time interesting. It helps the contemplation move along. Your Dad will be grateful for his ideal gift on Father’s Day. Of course, then he’ll keep the tin as a reminder.

10- Super Sweet Dad

We’re all different and sometimes we want to shout about how amazing our Dad is. So, a simple “I love you” works well but you can add extra sweet popcorn to make the point about the sweetest Dad if you want.

Naturally, the popcorn will disappear pretty quickly but he’ll have the tin to remind him. You’ll be in his thoughts every day and he won’t forget that he’s a special Dad.

After all, that’s the point. You're essentially giving him a gift to remember because he can keep the tin and because fun food is memorable. No one forgets food and it’s a great way to bring people together to make happy memories.

Pops Corn - Top Father’s Day Gifts for the Popcorn-Obsessed Dad

Last Thoughts on Dad’s Perfect Gourmet Popcorn Tins

Finding the perfect gift for Dad on Father’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful. Find the right gourmet popcorn tins for your Dad and give him a day to remember. You’ll make him happy knowing that he’s the best Dad and he’ll just know how grateful you are that he’s there.

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